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jimmixzsq : wxgryi ****lnaj7k8qspkistk3sll0hqp6mo2wq8go****
gustavo : tiger, please stopp crying like a baby when you blow a shot. so lame
chester : the worls has gone mad, obongo for president? spitting ****s playing white mans games? get a grip people. send them all back to the jungle!
chester : nignog woods should be banned for life for spitting. winston churchill once wrote: you can't take people from the jungle and educate them, how true is that speech. ban the filthy coon!
andrew : tiger i said before.believe in god and you and all should be fine.look what is going on in dubai
john : tiger,,,,you don't deserve to be last in the world, you don't deserve anything!
john : tiger...what ever you touch turns to garbage!
john : tiger....what ever you tough turns to garbage!
jpmichael : i love man ,keep the good work up.
jpmichael : tiger'dn't mind with what ever they are saying... there is no one who does not use to cheat 'u ar a human like them and they use to cheat each and every secnd.keep the golf up,
jpmichael : message tiger you the man to be keep the golf ban up
michael : i love you brother keep it up
nazrul islam : need help a resort at kaziranga haritage park,in india with a golf course
max macali : i love you man you are obviously the best keep up the good!
nomadsx2 : tiger you are unique, have advanced the popularity of golf and supported the game in countless ways. your private life is none of our business. be proud of what you have achieved. we are grateful.
james : message
james : ur life then repent of your sins and ask for forgiveness as you also forgive
james : mr. tiger woods if you turly and honestly want to save your marriage and reputation this is what you must do first you must be born again by this i mean you must except jesus as lord and savior of yo
rick : you people are all just dumb! leave him alone people cheat everyday all day and its not a big deal unless the person is famous! he is still human leave the guy alone.